The 1-year Campaign allows you to set up a long-term activity based on the budget you have available and the results you want to achieve.

The total number of influencers and content you impose are considered as "Spendable Credits". You can then activate them in the months in which they are needed, flexibly throughout the year of validity.

You purchased a total of 60 influencers out of a year starting in February. That same month you have promotional needs, so decide to activate campaigns involving 13 of the 50 influencers (credits) that you have available.
The next month you don’t need promotion, so don’t run any campaigns.
In the next month when you need to do a promotion, you can use the remaining credits, which you will always track in your dashboard on the platform.

This methodology is designed for integrated marketing activities over a long period of time. Allows you to activate campaigns with Influencer only according to the needs of the company.

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