The company

In this section, you will find information about the company, such as Instagram accounts and a description.


We provide you with the goals that the company wants to achieve with the promotion to which you have been invited, to give you a wider picture of how you will be involved/to.


The Brief contains the object of the promotion, the characteristics of the product or service to be promoted, and some specifications on the implementation of the content. You can also find directions on what to do and not do, and more information on the audience you are addressing.


Promotional content can be Instagram posts and/or Instagram Stories, depending on the type of promotion.
Tag and Mention
In this section are inserted tags, hashtags and a possible link in Swipe-Up to be used within the promotional content to be published.


The realization of promotional content takes place by providing you with the product/ service, allowing you to try it, then tell it. The use of the product/ service can take place at the company headquarters (e.g. lunch or dinner at the restaurant, withdrawal of the product in the store...), at a location chosen ad hoc for the experience (e.g. at the factory’s production site/brewery/chocolate shop/cellar), or can be picked up and used at your home (e.g. in the case of recipes, unboxing, or in general products for use in the home).
In addition to the experience specifications that will allow you to create the content, you will have the opportunity to express a preference on the day and the time slot in which to make you available to achieve it. The place of experience will be communicated to you in this section.


We only offer monetary-paid partnerships. The fee, to be considered +VAT, is fixed based on the level of influence that will be assigned to you once your account is verified at the time of registration.
The invitation to a promotion, once accepted, has contractual validity.

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