Roundabout registration is free of charge and provides access to a corporate-type Instagram account (the only one for which full insight data valid for promotion are available).

The information to be entered is related to the city in which you operate, your primary category, and your secondary categories.

By primary category we mean the sector in which you have the most competence and which most represents you (eg Food).
By secondary category we mean the sector of which you speak in your profile but which is not central in your communication (eg Lifestyle, Design, Events). You can select up to 5 secondary categories.

Once you’re signed in with your corporate Instagram account, you’ll get a level of influence based on the average results you can achieve. Your data with us is safe, we do not share any information with third parties.
Levels of influence:

  • Junior (2.000 - 10.000 Follower)

  • Medium (10.000 - 40.000 Follower)

  • Pro (40.000 - 100.000 Follower)

For each level of influence, there is a minimum of results to satisfy. The number of followers is only one of the metrics that are evaluated and is only relevant if contextualized to the other metrics.

We only offer monetary-paid campaigns. Whether you are a Junior, Medium, or Pro, there will always be a guaranteed fixed budget for you.

You will only receive invitations for promotions in line with your city and your areas of expertise.

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