When creating your campaign, on page 3 of 5, enter useful information to let influencers know when they can create promotional content by offering an experience at your location.

Enter the days of the week and the time slot in which you have availability to host them and in the notes, you can specify further information useful to the organization of the experience.

By accepting the invitation, the influencer will communicate the exact date and time at which it becomes available for the experience. You will receive a notification with this information in order to get a complete picture of the program before the content is created. In case of unforeseen events, you can contact our Support via email (contact@roundabout.pro) or on our Facebook page.

You can view the content created by the influencers as soon as they are published on Instagram, which will alert you through a tag notification: the operation usually takes a few hours after the experience. Within 2 weeks, you will find the content created on the app in the "Campaigns" section.

When Instagram Stories are published by influencers, we advise you to share them on the Stories of your company account, through the appropriate button "Add this content to your story" that you find in "Mentions" in the "Activities" section.

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