When you want to create a new campaign from scratch on the Roundabout app, you’ll need to fill in the fields of five sections.

Setup and audience

The start date of the promotion coincides with the date of publication of the content, indicating the one you prefer. You can choose to direct the promotion to a New audience, otherwise, you can use the audience previously set up when registering by selecting Current.

What to promote

Introduce us to your company, tell us how it was born or some curiosities. Do not forget to include elements that distinguish your product or service, such as attention to raw materials, seasonality, or the variety of the offer.
You can include influencer guidelines in the What to Do / Not to Do section by specifying useful information for creating content (see "What to Do/Not to Do" section).

It is possible to insert up to 5 hashtags to refer to in promotional content. We recommend that you enter at least the official hashtag of the company and, if present, the specific hashtag of the promotion you are creating. If you do not have it, we recommend that you create at least the company one and also include it in the company’s Instagram account biography to get more resonance.

In this section, you can also indicate the link to be inserted in the Swipe-up. However, this function will only be used if, during the campaign creation (page 4/5) you buy influencer Medium and Pro.


Enter useful information to let influencers know when they can create promotional content by offering an experience at your location. The realization of promotional content takes place by providing the product or service to the influencer, allowing him to try it, then tell it. The use of the product/service can take place at your premises (e.g. lunch or dinner at your restaurant, collection of the product in your shop...), at a location chosen ad hoc for the experience (e.g. at the production site of your pasta factory/brewery/chocolate shop/cellar), or can be picked up at your office and used by the influencer at home (e.g. in the case of preparation of recipes, unboxing, or in general products for use in the home).

In the notes, it is possible to provide the influencer with all the necessary specifications to make it clear what the experience will consist of. It is necessary that during the experience there is a company referent that can interact with influencers, deepen explanations, answer questions and make the experience even more engaging and immersive.


Choose how much promotional content you want to publish and how many influencers you want to involve in the promotion.

PLEASE NOTE: The number of Instagram Stories and Photos to be selected refers to the individual influencer involved. So if you choose to have 1 Photo and 5 Instagram Stories and insert 4 influencers, the total number of content produced at the end of the promotion will be 4 Photos and 20 Instagram Stories.

You can enter influencers from each level and customize the team for your promotion as needed. You will find team compositions suggested because more chosen by companies that have already made similar promotions:

  • STARTER: 4 Junior

  • PLUS: 2 Junior e 2 Medium

  • PREMIUM: 2 Medium e 1 Pro

Generally, the number of content assigned is 1 Photo and 5 Instagram Stories or 10 Instagram Stories for each influencer. Influencers are divided into three levels based on attainable results (verified results for each influencer that is part of the Roundabout community):

  • Junior (2.000 - 10.000 Follower)

  • Medium (10.000 - 40.000 Follower)

  • Pro (40.000 - 100.000 Follower)

For each level, you can see the list of influencers most relevant to your company and present in your own city. In this campaign creation phase, you can express a preference, then select the influencers that you like best and that you would like to involve. You can select even more than the number of influencers you have purchased. Once payment for the promotion is completed, we will send an invitation to collaborate with each influencer you have selected. Influencers have 1 week to accept the invitation or not. It will be part of the final promotional team that has availability and accepts the promotion until exhaustion places.

In case the promotional team does not complete (for example because there is no availability on the dates entered) the promotion is not activated and the entire amount of the campaign purchased is refunded to you within 7 working days.


In this section, you will find all the information you entered to create your promotion. You can save it in draft for 3 days to have time to review the information or proceed with the payment.

Once you have purchased the campaign, the influencers you have selected will be invited to participate and you will need to wait 1 week for the completion of the influencer promotional team.

In the meantime, you can see the summary of your purchased campaign in the "Campaigns" section.

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