You can use Roundabout to create and manage your campaigns with Micro-Influencer. All in 3 easy steps!

1. Set results and budget

In the "Campaigns" section click on "+ New" and you will see the Budget Calculator, our quotation tool that allows you to have a quote in real-time and in a dynamic way!

There are two ways to calculate your budget:

  • Validity 1 month

  • Validity 1 year

Apart from the duration of the campaign, the main differences are related to the capabilities of the platform.

What are the differences between individual and annual campaigns?

In both, you can change the total number of influencers and content by adapting it to the monthly budget you have available and the results you want to achieve.
Once found, select the strategy that matches the goals you want to achieve and click on "Continue".

How do I use the influencers of my Annual Campaign?

2. Create the brief and activate the campaign

The Brief contains the object of the promotion, the characteristics of the product or service to be promoted, and some specifications on the implementation of the content. You can give directions on what to do and not do, timelines on the campaign, and choose the influencers to involve.

You can always save the campaign in draft before activating it, in order to confirm every detail with certainty!

3. Manage and track

Once activated, you’ll find the dashboard to manage your campaign in every aspect:

  • History: to keep track of the activity carried out

  • Match: to manage the influencer team

  • Events calendar: to organize expeditions, experiences, and publications

  • Activities: for detailed reports on the results achieved

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