Roundabout is the first Micro-Influencer Marketing platform dedicated to small and medium enterprises who want to activate and manage campaigns based on the results they want to get and the budget they can afford.

Fully automated and competitively priced, Roundabout enables the use of Micro-influencers with verified performance, through a tool designed to be easily used by those who do not have marketing skills.

Food & Beverage | Lifestyle | Beauty | Events | Travel

What can I do with Roundabout?

Whether you have a restaurant, shop, or e-commerce you can promote your company by setting the monthly budget you want to invest. This already includes:

  • Micro-Influencer Team: with performance verified through official Instagram Apis

  • Promotional content: Instagram Post and Instagram Stories

  • The Roundabout service: including the use of the app + desktop tool

By activating a promotion for your company you can:

  • Choose your promotional strategy or create your own from scratch;

  • Consult the list of Micro-Influencers profiled by city and sector of expertise, and verified in the quality of content and results;

  • Manage the creation and application of promotional content;

  • See the real-time results report.

Roundabout registration is free, so you can find out how to best use our promotional tool.

Who's Roundabout for?

  • Small businesses such as restaurants, cocktail bars, and shops that need to find and acquire new customers in a specific city;

  • Medium-sized companies such as brands that sell their products via e-commerce or groceries and want to intercept their customers in a specific niche market;

  • Communication agencies that want to manage promotions for their customers saving hours and hours of management and optimize the budget available;

  • Marketplaces that want to offer their business community a precision promotional service;

  • Startups that want to involve a wide and specific community in the use of their product or service.

Is Roundabout right for you?

If you have questions you can get in touch with our sales team, to see our product in action and evaluate if Roundabout is the service you’re looking for.

What makes Roundabout different?

We built a product that finally allows even the inexperienced in marketing to use Micro-Influencers with effectiveness, safety, and simplicity.

Every step of the entire promotional process is guided and automated, allowing you to go straight on what really matters: the results.

The best part? You can activate your promotion with the budget you have available!

Only Micro-Influencers can access Roundabout from verified performances via official Instagram Apis. Their audience is referred to a specific city and sector, elements that make the maximum promotional effectiveness and ensure the best result for the company.

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